Is Soy Milk Keto?

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Soy milk is a popular plant-based alternative to traditional cow’s milk, but its keto-friendliness depends on various factors. Let’s explore whether soy milk aligns with a ketogenic diet.

Macronutrient Profile

1. Carbohydrates

Soy milk typically contains some carbohydrates. The carb content varies among different brands and formulations. Some soy milks may have added sugars, so it’s crucial to check the nutrition label for total carbs and sugar content.

2. Protein

Soy milk is a good source of plant-based protein. Protein is an essential component of a keto diet, aiding in muscle maintenance and satiety.

3. Fat

While soy milk contains some fat, it might not be as high in fat as other keto-friendly dairy alternatives. If you’re relying on soy milk for fat intake, consider incorporating additional sources of healthy fats into your diet.

Considerations for a Keto Diet

1. Carbohydrate Limit

For a food or beverage to be keto-friendly, it should fit within your daily carbohydrate limit. If the carb content of soy milk fits your macros, it can be included in a ketogenic diet.

2. Unsweetened Varieties

Opt for unsweetened soy milk to avoid added sugars. Sweetened versions can significantly increase the carbohydrate content, making them less suitable for a keto diet.

3. Personal Tolerance

Some individuals on a keto diet may choose to limit soy consumption due to potential concerns about anti-nutrients and the presence of compounds that mimic estrogen. Personal tolerance and preferences play a role in determining if soy milk is a good fit.

DIY Keto-Friendly Soy Milk

If you prefer homemade options, you can make keto-friendly soy milk by preparing it without sweeteners and controlling the overall carb content. Making it at home allows you to tailor it to your keto requirements.


In moderation and if chosen wisely, soy milk can be part of a keto diet. Opt for unsweetened varieties, be mindful of the carb content, and consider individual factors when deciding if soy milk aligns with your dietary preferences and goals. As with any food or beverage on keto, it’s essential to balance your macronutrients to stay within your carb limits.




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